📺 New Video 📺

I think this one is pretty fun. The current pricing page for Sofa has a few problems and I show my process and design iterations for fixing it.

So if you like seeing UI redesigns, this video is for you.

I did a little experiment over the past week to post a Reel, TikTok, and YouTube Short every day. I wanted to see if I could manage and keep up with a daily posting schedule.

The results?

I hated it.

It tanked my focus and added a lot more stress to my week. For me, it’s not worth the trade-offs of my time, energy, and focus to post that often.

I'll be sticking with my weekly YouTube video and once-ish per week on other socials. That gives me the time I need to be heads-down working.

Also, this was the first time I really used Reels and TikTok. I understand why people love it, but personally it gave me a headache. Everything is so fast and chaotic. I prefer a much calmer experience when I'm trying to relax lol.

I have to think about how much I want/need to contribute to that chaos.

I am working on some changes to the Super Sofa upgrade screen. Basically, I want to highlight the annual plan more than the other options. Lots of good reasons for this.

See the full convo on Threads


Here’s another iteration I’m trying. Still keeping the pricing up top, but tidying up the spacing and overall visual hierarchy.

I’ve seen more my pricing screens with price on the top or bottom. So I’m not sure what will work for me here. But I have some benchmark numbers to track against.


This might be a good compromise…using a floating card at the bottom. Still needs some TLC, but this might work


This is pretty close to final and I think it’s coming together pretty nicely. This solves the two biggest problems my pricing page had:

  1. Too many price options (want to highlight annual)
  2. Not showcasing what people get for upgrading

I’m still open for feedback if you have any! (constructive is welcome)


I put together my initial thoughts on the new iPhone 15 & 15 pro.

  • New cameras are awesome
  • USB-C isn’t a big deal
  • More iCloud storage! Yay!

Initially I was like “I’m fine with my iPhone 14 Pro”…then I saw the new cameras of the 15 pro and I was like “damn I really want one” lol

Who’s ready for a long video about the apps, tools, and processes I use for developing Sofa?

Perfect for your weekend morning coffee time ☕️

My video this week is a little messy, but I think it shows how this past week was for me…messy. Working through my board games data provider going away has been stressful, but in the end I think Sofa is going to be a more resilient app because of it.

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