Making Sofa More Accommodating

Imagine you're hosting a party with friends. Chances are, you're going to want your guests to

Remember a few weeks ago when I said I was just about wrapped up with the data model work? Well, lol, it took a little longer.

After lots of fighting/cursing with iCloud, that work is now actually done and today I'm jumping back into finishing up Smart Lists.

For Smart Lists, I have two main buckets to tackle:

  • Clean up the existing Ingredient filters that I've already built
  • Create the new "system" filters that will be used for filtering system data such as categories, dates, if something has a Sticky Note, and more.

There are many other things to polish around Smart Lists, but once the two main buckets are done it will be in a good spot.

During the holidays, I made good progress on Smart Lists in Sofa, but then ran into some tricky issues. I had to revamp Sofa’s data model a bit to get things working properly. This little detour took a decent amount of time, and I’m just about wrapped up with it. In hindsight, it’s good that I made some of these data model changes because it should make Ingredients more efficient throughout the app.

Anyways, once I’m finished up with the data model work I’ll be jumping back into finishing the UI for Smart Lists. This still needs a good amount of love, but I’m hoping to have it in your hands for testing in the next few weeks.

Thanks for all your patience and let me know if you have any questions!

Cancel your New Year's plans because I just dropped a 45 min video recapping Sofa's 2023.I go over the state of the product, health of the business, quitting my job to go full-time, and talk about what's next for 2024.

Thanks for a great year everyone 👋.

Smart Lists in Sofa are coming along very slowly, but nicely. I finished a lot of tedious work this week to get all of this connected, but it’s starting to come together. Right now only Text Ingredients function, but I’ll be diving into the other Ingredients next week. Open to any and all feedback on this 👋.


Since working on custom categories and Ingredients, I’ve been thinking through the most useful first way to “expose” all those new features in @sofahq. I’ve settled on “Smart Lists” and I’ve just started working on it this past week. If you’re interested to see my progress and how it’s going to work, check out this video.

I’m 100% open to feedback on this too.

📺 New Video 📺

I learned a good bit from running a Black Friday sale for Sofa and I talk about what went well, the issues I ran into, and what I would do next time.

Soon you’ll be able to add anything into Sofa via a link. There are two reasons this makes sense for the product:

  1. Sofa’s data sources don’t have everything and adding a book, video game, or music via a link is handy
  2. People do more with their downtime than just consume media. They eat with friends, travel, cook, and more

Adding links into Sofa increases it’s flexibility, and allows people to organize their downtime beyond media.


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