Since working on custom categories and Ingredients, I’ve been thinking through the most useful first way to “expose” all those new features in @sofahq. I’ve settled on “Smart Lists” and I’ve just started working on it this past week. If you’re interested to see my progress and how it’s going to work, check out this video.

I’m 100% open to feedback on this too.

📺 New Video 📺

I learned a good bit from running a Black Friday sale for Sofa and I talk about what went well, the issues I ran into, and what I would do next time.

Soon you’ll be able to add anything into Sofa via a link. There are two reasons this makes sense for the product:

  1. Sofa’s data sources don’t have everything and adding a book, video game, or music via a link is handy
  2. People do more with their downtime than just consume media. They eat with friends, travel, cook, and more

Adding links into Sofa increases it’s flexibility, and allows people to organize their downtime beyond media.


I’ve been thinking a lot about what to call “Custom Properties”. That name feels a little too technical to me.

Here’s my working idea that I’d love some feedback on:“Enhancements”

With these new properties, you can essentially create your own custom features in Sofa. They enhance the experience you get out of the box.

Enhancements sounds much simpler and friendlier to me, and also kind of describes what this feature does.

I’m open to feedback on this 👋

I want to share a little preview of something pretty cool I’ve been working on for Sofa. There’s still a good bit of refinement that I need to do, but I want to start getting feedback.

The working title for this feature is called “Custom Properties” (I’m open to other ideas…naming is hard lol).

Basically, you’ll be able to add your own custom properties to items in Sofa. Here’s the different properties you’ll be able to add:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date
  • Link
  • Toggle
  • Select
  • Multi-Select

Here’s a little demo showing how you can edit the properties within a detail view


This shows how you can edit existing properties and add new ones


I’m working hard to get this out to the beta group for further testing and feedback. First, I need to finish a few things and do some testing.

I’m open to any and all feedback on this. There is a lot of power in this feature, but also a lot of potential for confusion. I’m happy to answer any and all questions.

Adding analytics to your app can seem like a simple and obvious thing to do, but once you get into it, it can be a little confusing.

In my video this week I share an easy framework I follow that makes analytics more useful. I also share some of the dangers of analytics and things you should be careful of.

Goodbye Board Games

Goodbye Board Games

2022 was Sofa's best year by every metric and the product has reached an important milestone in terms of usefulness.

A few weeks ago I really needed to communicate with people who were using Sofa…but I couldn’t. The best option I had was social media, a blog post, and App Store release notes. So yea, not many good options.

I wanted to fix this, so I built a real-time announcement system into Sofa. In this video, I talk about how it works and how I plan to use it.

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